White Oak Flooring and Lumber


American White Oak is recognized worldwide as a high quality, stable hardwood, ideal for flooring with a 1360 hardness rating on the Janka scale.  It is widespread throughout the Eastern U.S. The sapwood is light-colored and the heartwood is light-to-dark brown. White Oak is mostly straight-grained with a medium-to-coarse texture. It has longer medullary rays than Red Oak and more figuring.

It machines well, nails and screws well, although pre-boring is advised. White Oak works well with power tools and can be stained as needed.  Due to its reaction with iron, galvanized nails are recommended. Its adhesive properties are variable. The wood dries slowly, but stains to a good finish due to it's light color.

White oak is a hard and heavy wood with a medium-bending and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but very good in steam-bending. It has great wear-resistance.  Harness is 1360 on the Janka scale.

Lumber dimensions & grade: these 1x_ products are approximately 1" thick (rough sawn) or 3/4" thick after T&G milling.  Lengths are 4'-12'+ in random lengths.  We offer grades of Rustic/Character, a very nice FAS, and limited availabilty on Quartered and Rift-Quartered grades; all are kiln dried.   Rough sawn board widths vary from 1x6 to 1x10 and are sold as a mixed-width product.

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