Tongue & Groove Smooth Joint 1x6

Tongue & Groove Smooth Joint 1x6
  • Common Cypress 1x8 T&G V-Joint walls and 1x6 Smooth Joint flooring.
  • Common Cypress T&G Smooth Joint 1x6 siding
  • Common Cypress T&G 1x6 makes a beautiful covered porch floor.
  • Common Cypress T&G V-Joint & Smooth Joint 1x6 and 1-1/4x6 Decking.
  • Common Cypress walls, ceilings, and flooring in a cozy loft.
  • Common Cypress siding in T&G V-Joint & Smooth Joint 1x6 and 1-1/4x6 Decking

Limited Time Special Discount!

We've taken 31% off as shown below.

To be 3/4" x 5" or 5-1/8" coverage.  May have V-Joint on other side.

To determine square foot price, multiply linear foot price below x 2.4 Conversion Factor.

Price below based on 2,000+ lin.ft. random length order; for smaller job pricing, setup fees will apply.  Shipping charges will be added to prices shown.  Availability on 1x6 and 1x8 pecky Cypress products is limited.  WE HAVE COMMON GRADE IN-STOCK AND READY TO SHIP (WILL HAVE V-JOINT ON BACK SIDE OF BOARD).  

1.00 lbs./linear ft.
0.000 inches
$1.92 $1.32/linear ft.

linear ft.
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