Fine Lumber Purveyor, Krantz Select Woods Achieving National Success from Austin Texas Headquarters

Krantz Select Woods, an established fine lumber company headquartered in Austin, Texas reports continued growth as one of the nation's largest online purveyors of quality wood products. Originally headquartered in New Orleans, Krantz Select Woods relocated to Austin due to the city's vibrant culture, lifestyle and economy. Krantz Select Woods opened the doors of its 15,000 square foot combined warehouse and retail space in North East Austin in 2009 and has seen its Texas business grow over 400 percent since.

With a history in Cypress that goes back three generations, the Krantz family has been in the lumber business for nearly 100 years. In 1997, Krantz Select Woods owner Jimmy Krantz took the family business online with the launch of Jimmy’s Cypress, selling and shipping finer new growth cypress throughout the US. The company expanded its line of products in 2002, when Jimmy and wife Emili launched Krantz Recovered Woods, a specialty line of antique-quality, reclaimed wood.

Since its start, Krantz Recovered Woods has become a preferred destination for customers seeking rare and high-quality woods, often not available in larger retail stores. Krantz Recovered Woods specializes in reclaiming virgin Cypress and Longleaf Pine, hand-selected by the Krantz team and manually salvaged from waterways and deconstructed pre-1925 buildings and structures throughout the country.

The continued growth of Krantz Recovered Woods has driven a lion share of the company’s overall success. The line is a popular choice among consumers seeking high-quality and eco-friendly building materials—a growing market segment well represented in the Austin market, which is a fact not lost on owner Jimmy Krantz. “Our customers choose Krantz because of consistent quality, and specifically with our reclaimed woods, because they can feel good about their investment,” says Jimmy Krantz. “We decided to move the company to Austin because it’s a community that embraces these same values that are so integral to what we do. Austinites value the history and beauty of reclaimed woods and appreciate the benefit its use brings to the environment.”

Krantz Recovered Woods products are available to consumers and professionals and have been featured in a number of high-profile residential and commercial projects, including:

  • Advisory Board Company, Headquarter Offices, Austin LEED Certified
  • Texas Governor’s Mansion Restoration, Austin
  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Ft. Worth LEED Certified
  • HomeAway Corporate Offices, Austin LEED Certified

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Established in the early 1920s, Krantz Select Woods is an established fine lumber company providing lumber to homeowners, better home builders and leading designers throughout the South. With two product lines, Jimmy’s Cypress and Krantz Recovered Woods, the company offers a large selection of high-quality and rare woods coupled with superior service. For more information visit:

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