Rough Sawn 2x8

Rough Sawn 2x8
  • Common Cypress Rough Sawn 2x8 and 8x8
  • Common Custom Cypress Shade Arbor
  • Common Cypress Rough Sawn 2x8 and 6x6 for shade arbor

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Will be approximately 2" x 8" with rough sawn texture, +/- 1/4".  Could have marks from drying sticks, weathering, spray paint, grade stamps, or metal strapping.

Price below based on 1,000+ lin.ft. random length order; for smaller job pricing, please inquire.  Shipping charges will be added to prices shown.

4.00 lbs./linear ft.
0.000 inches
$8.50 $5.86/linear ft.

linear ft.
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